Who is QUSER?

The QUSER group is an excellent opportunity to network with peers, share ideas and tips, and become knowledgeable on topics relevant to the IBM i community. We are continually moving forward with a new agenda structure and support from various groups, and most importantly, you. IBM, COMMON, and our sponsors are committed to the success of the QUSER group by providing support for guest speakers, education, and other areas of need.

Jan 2022 QUSER - Steve Pitcher

Welcome to 2022 QUSER! We are kicking off the year with one of our friends from north of the border. Steve Pitcher, proud Canadian, will be speaking with us on Malware on IBM i. Yes! IBM i is susceptible to a malware attack. Learn what to look for to prevent such an event. RSVP here: https://www.quser.org/content/quser-jan-2022-steve-pitcher

Dec 2021 QUSER - Marina Schwenk

Welcome QUSERs! This month we'll be joined by presenter Marina Schwenk! She will share her expertise with Service Programs and Unit Testing - The Perfect Pair. Please RSVP to see how Marina is addressing these real issues today!


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February 15, 2022 - 2:00pm QUSER Jan 2022 - Tim Rowe, Tim Rowe

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