Who is QUSER?

The QUSER group is an excellent opportunity to network with peers, share ideas and tips, and become knowledgeable on topics relevant to the IBM i community. We are continually moving forward with a new agenda structure and support from various groups, and most importantly, you. IBM, COMMON, and our sponsors are committed to the success of the QUSER group by providing support for guest speakers, education, and other areas of need.

February QUSER - Jim Buck

Jim Buck

Educator Jim Buck will be visiting to teach us about Processing JSON with DB2 and RPG. Jim will start off with his thoughts on "Modernization and 21st Century Skills" ...a great opportunity to invite your strategic planners in your company to watch. PLEASE INVITE A NON-MEMBER TO THIS EVENT. HAVE THEM RSVP!!! https://www.quser.org/content/quser-february-2021-jim-buck

January 19th 2021: Charlie Guarino

Our friend Charlie Guarino will again be presenting to QUSER! … “One order of Code Refactoring...with a side of RDi” and “A potpourri of RDi tips” to our membership on Tuesday Jan 19th. Charlie is an award winning speaker, has done an RDi workshop for us and is also an advisor to the HelpSystems team that develops RDi (along with other industry experts). More info and RSVP at https://www.quser.org/content/january-2021-charles-guarino

December 15th Meeting - Larry Bolhuis

Larry Bolhuis - will be presenting…“Cloud Virtualization Planning and Best Practices” and “Managing PTFs” to our membership. See the full abstract at the link below and remember to RSVP to get the GoToMeeting link. Hope to see you then! https://www.quser.org/content/december-2020-larry-bolhuis

November 17th Meeting - Steve Pitcher

Tuesday, November 17th - 2pm CT (Chicago/Minneapolis time) Our friend from north of the border, Steve Pitcher - a proud Canadian from Nova Scotia, and first time QUSER presenter - will be presenting… “Rapid Fire Admin” and “Anatomy of a Security Failure” to our membership. Steve has deep roots on IBM i which he'll share with us too. See the full abstract at the link below and remember to RSVP to get the GoToMeeting link. Hope to see you then!

Did you know you could do this with SQL?

Birgitta Hauser will present in our QUSER meeting discussing two sessions… “Did you know you can do this with SQL?!” and “Web Services only with SQL” to our membership on Tuesday Oct 20th. Please take note of the time change for this month. See the full abstract here and please RSVP to get the GoToMeeting link. https://www.quser.org/content/october-2020-birgitta-hauser


Dawn May will kick-off our QUSER 2020/2021 season with two sessions..."IBM i Administration Runtime Expert" and "IBM i Fix Level Recommendation Tool" to our membership on Tuesday, Sept 22nd. See the full abstract here and remember to RSVP to get the GoToMeeting link. https://www.quser.org/content/ibm-i-are-and-flrt

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March 16, 2021 - 2:00pm March 2021 QUSER - Steve Will, Steve Will, IBM
April 20, 2021 - 2:00pm April 2021 QUSER - Barbara Morris, Barbara Morris, IBM

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