Presenter Resources

Resources for Dev Barua, January 2024

Agile - 01162024 - Dev Barua (PDF)

Resources for Sarah Jacob, November 2023

BRMS Basics (PDF)
BRMS Advanced (PDF)

Resources for Dawn May, October 2023

Understanding your IBM i Performance Signature (PDF)
Case Studies of Common Performance Failures (PDF)

Resources for Jesse Gorzinski May, 2023

Kafka and IBM i (PDF)
Connect RPG and Db2 to the World (PDF)

Resources for Jim Buck January, 2023

Modernization and 21st Century Skills (PDF)
RPG-MVC Architecture and Modernization (PDF)

Resources for Randy Watson May, 2022

HS Perfnav QUSER (PDF)

Resources for Tom Huntington and Brian Nordland April, 2022

Journaling and PowerHA (PDF)

Resources for Tim Rowe February, 2022

New Navigator for IBM i (PDF)
RPG and RestAPIs (PDF)

Resources for Steve Pitcher January, 2022

Uh Oh, My IBM i has been breached! (PDF)

Resources for Marina Schwenk December, 2021

Service Programs and Unit Testing (PDF)

Resources for Dan Magid November, 2021

IBM i Leading Edge Open Source and APIs (PDF)

Resources for Alan Seiden October, 2021

ODBC Up and Running (PDF)
Impress Your Boss with Open Source (PDF)

Resources for Gantner & Paris September 21, 2021

RGP Into Family Sept 2021 (PDF)
RPG Procedure Tips Sept 2021 (PDF)

Resources for Barbara Morris April 20, 2021

Whats New 7.3 7.4 as of April 2021 (PDF)

Resources for Steve Will March 16, 2021

Strategy, Roadmap and Innovation March 2021 (PDF)

Resources for Charlie Guarino January 19, 2021

Refactoring Jan 2021 (PDF)

Tired of RDiing the Old Way Jan 2021 (PDF)

Resources for Steve Pitcher November 17, 2020

Anatomy of a Security Breach Nov 2020 (PDF)

Rapid Fire Admin QUSER Nov 2020 (PDF)

Resources for Dawn May September 22, 2020

FLRT QUSER September 2020 (PDF)

Practical Examples with ARE QUSER (PDF)

Resources for Dawn May May 19, 2020

IBM i Services for the System Administrator (PDF)

IBM i Prestart Server Jobs (PDF)

Resources for Larry Bolhuis March 24, 2020

Controlling IBM i Startup and Shut Down (PDF)

Tales from the Data Center (PDF)

Resources for Scott Klement Feb. 18, 2020

The World of NodeJS (PDF)

Whats New and Exciting in RPG (PDF)

Resources for Robin Tatam Jan. 21, 2020

Developing Secure Applications for IBM i (PDF)

Resources for Mike Pavlak Dec. 17, 2019

Practical Modernization (PDF)

Business Value of Open Source Software on IBM i (PDF)

Resources for Mark Irish Nov. 19, 2019

Machine Learning on IBM i: Leveraging your Data for New Insights (PDF)

Introduction to Node.js on IBM i: What, Why, and How? (PDF)

Resources for Lora Powell Apr. 16, 2019

Better Analysis with Performance Data Investigator QUSR 2019 4 part 1 (PDF)

Better Analysis with Performance Data Investigator QUSR 2019 4 part 2 (PDF)

Resources for Calvin Buckley and Richard Schoen Mar. 19, 2019

Mono on i (PDF)

Your IBM i Has Mono Now What? (PDF)

Resources for Scott Forstie Feb. 19, 2019

Db2 and SQL on IBM iUpdates (PDF)

Resources for Rodrigo Ceron Jan. 15, 2019

IBM PowerAI Vision Use Cases (PDF)

Getting Started with Spectrum Conductor and Deep Learning Impact (PDF)

Resources for Edmund Reinhardt and Barbara Morris Dec. 11, 2018

Strategy and best practice for modern RPG (PDF)

Test Driven Development - Best practices applied to IBM i with the assistance of tooling (PDF)

Resources for Tim Rowe Presentation Nov. 13, 2018

ACS Latest and Greatest (PDF)

IBM i talks to Watson (PDF)

Resources for Bob Cozzi Presentation Sep. 18, 2018

A Dozen or so RPG Tips (PDF)

The Modern SQL Language - Creating Database Solutions with SQL iQuery (PDF)